Spartan Global Services

Data Security & Destruction

Secure Data Destruction

Organisations in both the private and public sector have a duty of care over the data held on IT equipment. Spartan delivers a range of services and solutions to destroy confidential and protectively marked data. These solutions will ensure compliance to data protection legislation, governmental standards and the strictest security policies for data destruction. These methods of data destruction can be provided at Spartan’s secure facilities or at customer site as required.

Degausser & Physical Destruction of Hard Disk Drives

We use approved degaussing tools which are certified to military standards. Each hard disk drive is degaussed for 15 seconds. By destroying the magnetic properties of the disk and scrambling the control circuits of the drive, this ensures a hard disk can never be used again.


Often referred to as shredding, this process is employed where hard disk drives and other data bearing devices cannot be successfully wiped, or where it has been decided that equipment cannot be reused. We can also supply you with on-site disintegration where your policies require such a service at agreed costs.

Data Wiping

We utilise specialist software approved for this purpose by HM Government’s Communications Electronic Security Group (CESG). Customers are issued with online/hard copy certificates as proof that data has been completely erased.

Certification of Data Destruction

Spartan certificates each and every collection in terms of data destruction. We provide a certificate of data destruction, signed by one of our Directors to verify that the stipulated data destruction process has taken place on all media collected in line with our proposal.

Asset Identification Following Data Destruction

Wherever possible following data destruction, Spartan will remove any asset stickers/tags/identifying information of each item of equipment.

Arranging Onsite Data Destruction Services

Onsite data destruction services can be arranged in advance on a date that suits your disposal programme. Charges are based on a standard site visit cost and a price per unit wiped or destroyed.