Spartan Global Services

Rebuilding and Refurbishment

The Spartan Service Centre provides a cost effective and efficient process to receive, screen, test, refurbish, rebuild and return Notebooks, Netbooks, PDA’s, PC’s and Monitors in volume quantities.

By outsourcing to Spartan our customers are able to streamline their operations and extend the life cycle of their products. The Spartan Service Centre Rebuilding and Refurbishment services provides all levels of repair capabilities including:

  •  Completion of Missing Parts
  •  Reworking of Covers (Coating)
  •  Re-boxing

We manage all processes required to return products to an equivalent-to-new (ETN) or Refurbished and Rebuild Retail packed product.

Whether we provide repair services on a consignment basis or as part of a complete service delivery management solution, we work with clients to identify the optimum repair strategy carefully balancing end-customer requirements with operational cost efficiencies.